“Do you have any questions for us?”

It’s likely that you have had an interviewer ask that before. Often, people don’t think of an interview as their chance to find out if this is an organization where they might want to work. You should be prepared to ask questions; after all, an interview is a chance for you to not only confirm your qualifications as a candidate but also help you understand your potential new job even better. 

Here are some tips to help guide your questions:

  1. Research. You’ve likely already been advised to do this before heading into an interview. It’s good to know what the company is like: how it operates, what the job expectations are, etc. In this same vein, there’s likely to be some nagging question regarding the company that wasn’t answered in your research. Use this opportunity to ask that. Some example questions might be:
  2. Prepare your questions in advance. Think of 3-5 questions that you could ask your potential new employer and actually ask them.
  3. Show that you’re interested. If you ask questions which show that you’re genuinely considering this position. Envision yourself in that role and demonstrate this by asking questions such as: “What can I expect to be the most rewarding part of this job? The most challenging?”
  4. Learn more about the work-life/job expectations. “How long does the average employee work here for?”, “What are the relationships between co-workers like?”, “What would your definition of ‘success’ be for this job?”
  5. This question is risky, but has a potentially large payoff: “Do you have any hesitations about me?” This shows a genuine interest in bettering yourself, as well as offers an opportunity to correct them. In some cases, it’s simpler and more beneficial to address this hesitation outright. When doing this, don’t become defensive. Offer solutions of clarifications to help assuage this hesitation. Don’t ask this regularly; ask this if you feel that there might be a hesitation on their end.
  6. “Why did the last person in this position leave?” Some employers inquire about the circumstances for which you left your last job. Why not ask about the circumstances about which the last person in your position left?
  7. “Where is this company headed?” Know the future of your job. If a company isn’t growing, don’t expect your job to. If a company is growing, it’s likely that you will benefit in that way, as well.

As you enter into your next interview, be prepared to ask these questions. Remember, you are interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you. Brainstorm some other questions along with those listed above! Good luck!


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